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Installing Viewpath PM in Salesforce

Cheryl Wetherington -

To install Viewpath PM for Salesforce inside your Salesforce environment, you must be a Salesforce Administrator.
1.  Select "Get It Now" from the Salesforce AppExchange listing.

2.  Select the option to "Install for All Users". If you select one of the other options, your Salesforce permissions could keep resources from seeing their project or task information. Permissions in Viewpath are controlled project-by-project within the Viewpath app. 

3.  Grant third-party access to Viewpath.

4. On your Salesforce tab, click the "+" and choose "Viewpath PM Configuration". If using Lightning, open Apps, type "Viewpath" into the search bar, and select "Viewpath PM Configuration". Enter information not pre-populated, and click "Activate Installation". Wait for the confirmation message that the installation was activated, and then click "Authorize API Access". This will enable your Viewpath 3 project and task data to be pushed into Salesforce.
Both the Activate Installation and Authorize API Access buttons must be successfully activated to use Viewpath PM in Salesforce.

That's it - you're ready to go! If you have already created Viewpath projects in the Viewpath app, use the Connect to Existing feature. If you are creating new projects, you can do that from template both in Salesforce or in the Viewpath app. Check out our Overview video for high level of features and functionality of Viewpath PM for Salesforce.
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