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What's Great about the Viewpath PM for Salesforce Integration?

Cheryl Wetherington -

What are the features in Viewpath PM?

•Project level changes are “Pushed” to Salesforce in real time rather than pulled. This enables native Salesforce functionality such as Reports, Dashboards, Triggers, Workflows, etc.

 •Viewpath Task data is native to the Salesforce environment as a custom object, enabling workflow, triggers, automations on Viewpath data at both the project and the task level, and is also pushed real time.

 •“Launch” Viewpath is now available for the Viewpath_PM Projects tab, inside the project tab, and at the individual task level. Launching Viewpath from inside the project or at the task level will launch you directly into the Viewpath project.

 •Edit on Task grid. Edit of %Complete is now available to all Owners, Managers and Editors, and to Observers on their own tasks from the Tasks page in Salesforce.

 •Resources can now be from Salesforce Contacts. Viewpath can now leverage all Salesforce Contacts as project resources.

 •Labels, Category and Department columns are now visible in Salesforce.

 •Project level Portfolios and Project ID are now visible in Salesforce.

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