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Custom Brand Your Project with Your Logo

Cheryl Wetherington -

Adding custom Branding to your projects allows you to feature your own company logo or a customer's on your Project. This feature is available for Professional and Enterprise Edition users. You can also upload a different logo to each project, or upload a logo to a template, and each project created from the template will automatically feature your uploaded logo. Private Branding is also exported to Snapshots. 

From the Projects tab, select the checkbox for the project you wish to brand. Choose "File", then "Edit Project". Select the file you wish to upload, then be sure the selection box is centered over the portion you wish displayed. Ideal size for logo display is 125x25.

If you are currently a Starter or Team Edition user, and would like to try a 30 day free trial of our Professional Edition, please contact support@viewpath.com.

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