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10 Ways to Save Time in Viewpath

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Article: 10 Ways to Save Time in Viewpath

Here are some fast and easy ways that you can save time as you work within the Viewpath application:
  1. The home screen requires you to click on the "Continue" button in the middle of the screen before revealing the program when you first log in. Yes, you are in the right place!

  2. When selecting multiple rows at a time, click on the number of the task (not the checkbox), hold the "Shift" key, then click on another task. All the tasks between the two you selected will be highlighted.

  3. Change data on multiple tasks at once by selecting all the cells then typing in the data. For example, select multiple cells in the % column, and type in any value. That value will appear in all the selected cells.

  4. The arrows  move all selected tasks. Make sure you have all the right tasks selected first.

  5. If you indent a task (move it to the right with an arrow key) the task above it will become a bold "Parent Task." A Parent Task displays a summary of all the data of its "Child" tasks.

  6. Don't forget about the  Undo button if you make a mistake!

  7. Copy and Paste data into multiple cells. For example, if you have three people listed in the Assignments cell on a task, simply click on that cell, type Ctrl C (to copy), then select any other Assignments cell and type Ctrl V (to paste).

  8. Copy and Paste data between projects. Whether on the Tasks or Resources tab, select rows of data, click on the  Copy icon, go to another project and click on the  Paste icon.

  9. Missing a Project? You probably closed the tab. Click on the  tab and choose "Open Project to show it in the row of tabs again. 

  10. Archive completed projects. In the Home>Projects tab, select one or more projects to archive, click on the  Archive icon.(Click on the "Show" menu to see all your archived projects.)

Don't miss out on the video tutorials. They're super short and simple!

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