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Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts

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Article: Mouse/Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of useful Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts available in Viewpath.

1. Select Row Numbers Instead of Checkboxes

Rather than clicking on individual checkboxes, simply click on the row numbers adjacent to the checkboxes and drag your mouse: 

Note: Selecting a number rather than a checkbox will clear out any other items you may have selected. If, for example, you have selected item 125 on your task list then scroll to the top with the intention of selecting a task to delete, if you click in the checkbox, both items will be selected but if you click on the number "5" then task 125 will be deselected. This will help you to avoid deleting items unintentionally.

Ctrl and Shift Keys

If you select row 5, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard then select row 10, both rows will be selected just as if you had used the checkboxes.

If you select row 5, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard then select row 10, all rows between 5-10 will be selected. 

2. Horizontal Scrolling on the Gantt Chart

Place your cursor over the Gantt Chart, hold down the Shift key then use your mouse scroll wheel to scroll the chart left and right.

Note: If there is a task that is currently not showing on your Gantt Chart because it is in the future or past and not within the visible date ranges, click in the Gantt Chart adjacent to that task and the chart will automatically move the Gantt Chart to display that task.

3. Select Multiple Cells

There are three ways to select multiple cells in Viewpath (e.g. if you want to select several "% Complete" cells to update simultaneously):

  • Click and drag adjacent cells

  • Select 1 cell, hold down the Shift key then select another cell to select all cells between the two selections

  • Select 1 cell, hold down the Ctrl key then select a non-adjacent cell so that only those two cells are selected
You can then type or paste in the same values into these cells or, in the case of % Complete, simply select the checkbox to mark all selected tasks as complete.

4. Cut, Copy and Paste

Let's say that you have assigned a task to three resources and there are other tasks that you want to assign to those same three resources. If you select that cell and type Ctrl C, you can then select one or more cells associated with other tasks and use Ctrl V to paste those resources into those tasks.

This copy/paste function works in any cells that allow data input (e.g. Duration, Work, Start/Finish).

Copying Rows of Data

If you want to copy tasks from one project to another, do not use keyboard commands. Rather, use the Copy and Paste icons within the application.

Copy Data to Paste into Excel

Select the column headers on your screen then use Ctrl C to copy the selected data. You can then open any spreadsheet (Excel, Google Drive, or Numbers) and paste those values.

5. Other Keyboard Commands

Other keyboard commands include:

  • Control Z: Undo
  • Control Y: Redo
  • Control E: Opens the Edit Task window 
  • Control Enter: Creates a new Task
  • Control L: Link the selected tasks (Finish to Start Linking)
  • Control U: Unlink the selected tasks
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