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Using the Timer Option

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Article: How the Timer works on Projects & Time Sheets.

The Timer option in the Today page allows you to easily track the amount of time expended on a specific task and automatically update both the % Complete and Work Completed fields on that tasks while also adding that time value directly to your Time Sheet.

This feature is available to anyone on a paid edition of Viewpath.

Simply select any task assigned to you, then click on the  Timer icon. The header of the application will display a counter: 

Perform your task. When you are finished, return to the application, click on the timer icon to stop the timer. A dialog will appear: 

Ensure the time in this dialog is correct, edit if needed, then click on OK. 

Note: By default, all Time Sheet Entries are "Billable." Click on the Advanced tab to designate this as an un-billable item. 

The time you entered in the Dialog will be placed in the Time Sheet. Time entered through the Timer will also automatically update Work Completed, Work Remaining and % Completed fields on this task.



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