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The Training Connection

Viewpath Support -

The Training Connection uses careful planning, highly experienced consultants and tested, proven products and programs custom designed to promote and assist in employee career development.

Viewpath as a Solution

In 2007, the team at the Training Connection decided they needed a better method of organizing their projects. With 60+ year-long mentoring programs and hundreds of one-day training sessions, they needed a simple project management solution that everyone would use. One call to Viewpath, and they were off and running.

Online Project Management

With about 1/4 of the staff working remotely at any given time, the cloud-based solution means it is accessible anytime and anywhere. "Without Viewpath," Jennifer Sellers, Vice President of The Training Connection, says "we wouldn't have success rate we do. There are too many details, and we would drop the ball somewhere. Viewpath helps make sure that doesn't happen."

Long-Term Use

Our teams are coordinated, with communication all in one place. So, as they began adding additional staff, extending their use of Viewpath just made sense. Every member of the company has a Viewpath account, and new employees are able to quickly learn the system.


Jennifer Sellers says "Every staff member has a role in making those projects happen. Everyone goes into Viewpath every day, and sees what tasks they have on their list." From the get go, Viewpath has offered The Training Connection the functionality its team of support professionals needs to successfully manage their mentoring programs and training sessions.

Industry: Career Development/Mentoring

Location: Prince William, VA

Customer Since: July 2007

Use Case: Internal project management

Why Viewpath?

  • Balance of simplicity and robust features
  • Ability to log on via browser, regardless of operating system
  • Flexible, web-based software makes it easy to add new employees
  • Project visibility at all levels
  • Central portal for all project information

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