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Town of Chapel Hill

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City Parks & Rec Department finds a better way to stay engaged internally

The town of Chapel Hill has approximately 600 employees across 12 departments. The Parks & Rec department handles event planning with multiple organizations and programs. With approximately 57,432 people, Chapel Hill is the 15th largest city, town or village in North Carolina.

Deadline-driven projects require a take-charge attitude

The Parks & Rec department's goal is to provide every citizen the opportunity to enhance their quality of life. The staff work hard to handle requests and prepare for events.

Prior to implementing Viewpath, the department relied on Excel spreadsheets for their planning. With dozens of tabs and multiple locations for files, it was easy to miss things.

"We needed a way to get our employees more proactive on project tasks," says Wes Tilghman, Director for Special Events, Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "We hoped with an online project management solution, it would make it simpler to delegate and collaborate."

Online project management solution dramatically enhances communication

The Parks & Rec department began their foray into online project management with Viewpath by selecting two users for a pilot program. "With Viewpath's simple-to-use interface, it's easy for staff to update their tasks, comment on status, and have visibility on the projects they needs to see" Tilghman reports.

"With Viewpath, they don't necessarily wait to be assigned to a task, but take the initiative to get it done," Tilghman explains. "I can see exactly how much progress my staff has made just as Town staff and managers can see their requests and how we're prioritizing them. Viewpath helps us stay in the loop."

Industry: Government

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Customer Since: Oct. 2011

Use Case: Internal and external project management

Why Viewpath?

  • Simplicity of the app
  • Web-based app offered more flexibility
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Extensive scalability for growth over time
  • Broad or narrow visibility depending on the resource’s needs

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