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Creating a Successful Free Trial

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: How to try out the Team Edition

Take some time using the Free Starter Edition to familiarize yourself with Viewpath.

Our Quick Tour can walk you through the basics. Create a test project where you can experiment with things like creating Parent and Child task dependencies and linking related tasks. Try moving the tasks on the Gantt and see how dependent tasks are automatically adjusted.

Invite other members of your team into your project as resources. Each person will have their own account, and their own individual "to do" list (the Today tab) based on tasks they have been assigned.

Set a date for everyone to familiarize themselves with the basic features of the Starter Edition. When you're ready, have everyone you think will need Editor,
Manager or Owner status upgrade to the free 14-day trial of Team Edition.

Look over the Resource Allocation chart within each project and the cross-project allocation available from the Home tab. Agile users should try setting up Sprints and see the burn-down charts. Add time via the Timer and watch the % Completed, Work, Work Remaining and Work Completed columns automatically update. Run Reports to see the customization options available.

As you explore Viewpath, make a list of questions. Many of the answers can be found on our Help Desk. If you don't see your question, or need help with a specific question, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@viewpath.com, or submit a ticket with your request. We pride ourselves on providing quick and thorough support to our users, no matter what edition level you are on.


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