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I Can't See a Shared Project

Viewpath Support -

Article: Someone shared a project with me that I can't see

If you have been informed by someone on your team that they added you to their project but you do not see that project in the Home>Projects tab, There are two possible reasons:

Your Email Address Is Misspelled

In more than 90% of the cases where this issue is reported to our support team, the owner of the project has either used a different email address for you (other than the one you used to login to Viewpath) or they have misspelled something in your email address.

Ask the project owner to verify that the address they entered for you is accurate.

If they are convinced that the email address is correct...

You Don't Have The Proper "Access" Rights

If, you see tasks in the Today tab and the task names are grayed-out, this indicates that you have been listed as a "Guest" on the project.

"Guests" cannot see the over-all project schedule.

Be sure to let the project owner know and ask them to grant you "Observer" access (or higher). Once they have done this, you will see the project in your account (after your next login or when you refresh the browser).

Note: The owner of the project must be on a paid edition of Viewpath in order to assign Observer rights to any resource on the project.

A Note To Project Owners

If you see the alertIcon.gif icon adjacent to a Resource on your project, one of these two issues exist:

  1. The Resource is new to Viewpath and does not have an account. Simply select them then click on the Send Invitation (envelope) icon to create their Viewpath account and automatically send them the welcome/validation email.

  2. The Resource has a Viewpath account but they have never logged into it.  If they are having trouble logging in, please direct them to us here. If they never received the welcome email, try step 1 again. 
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