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My Page is Blank When I Use Internet Explorer

Viewpath Support -

Article: Bug in IE (Document Mode: IE 7)

When you login to Viewpath using Internet Explorer, you may find that the application does not load and brings up a blank screen:


This is either because you are using Internet Explorer 7 OR You are using a later version of Internet Explorer but the settings cause it to function in IE7 Mode.

If you are using IE8 or higher, begin by hitting the F12  key f12.jpg on your keyboard.

This will bring up the Developer Console. In the upper right, look where it says "Document Mode." If it reads "IE7 Standards" then this is the root of the problem:


 Click on the "Document Mode" and choose IE8 or higher:


 Go back to your Viewpath page and refresh the browser:



The application will now display correctly.

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