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Setting Your Project's Workday Schedule

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: Standard work hours and holidays

Use the Workdays section to set the normal work hours for this Project: 


The shaded area represents the hours of work. Simply drag your mouse  over the white cells to include them in your normal work hours or over a shaded area to remove those cells from your normal work hours.

 On Hours - These are hours that are included in your regular daily work schedule. 

 Off Hours - These are hours that are not included in your regular daily work schedule.

The default Schedule is 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

To return the Workdays to the default schedule, click the Reset button.  Reset.png

Designating Holidays 

Viewpath allows users on the Team or Professional Editions to designate Holidays (non-work days) on a project-by-project basis. To add a holiday to the Workdays schedule: 

  • Click on the "Edit" menu and choose "Add Holiday" (or click on the Add_Holiday.png icon in the row of icons).
  • Select a date on the calendar.

The Holiday will be listed on the left side of the page. Simply click on the Remove_holiday.png icon to remove it. 

Note: Viewpath includes the concept of "Elapsed Days" in the Duration column of the Tasks list that allows you to assign a task on a weekend, Holiday or after normal business hours. For example, if you have a task that must be completed on a weekend (or Holiday), set the duration to "1 eday" then change the Start Date to the appropriate Saturday or Sunday (or Holiday). Similarly, if a task exceeds the normal work hours for a given day but it must be completed on that day, set the value with "ehrs" (e.g. "12 ehrs") and the task will not automatically spill over to the following work day.

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