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Article: Printing

Paid users can Print your Project to an Adobe Reader file (.pdf) by clicking on the Print button. This will bring up the Print Settings dialog. 

  • Choose the appropriate paper size and layout.
  • Give the file a Name. (This is simply the name of the file as it will be saved on your computer. The file name will not appear on the printed document.)
  • Add a Title. This title will appear at the top center of your printed document.
  • Uncheck the "View Columns" box if you want to print just the Gantt chart. You can also select/unselect which columns you want to print.
  • Uncheck the "View Gantt Chart" box if you want to print just the Task list.
  • Click on Start chart on new page if you do not want the chart to be directly adjacent to the list view in the final output.
  • Choose whether to print the entire project on a single page. This is not recommended for large projects.
  • Uncheck the "Color" box if you want to print in black and white.

Click on OK to generate the Adobe Reader file. 

From within the Adobe Reader file: 

  • Click on the File menu and choose Save a Copy if you want to save this file to your computer (e.g. so that you can send it as an attachment in an email).
  • Or choose Print to print it out.
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