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Assigning Activities

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: Assigning 

You can assign Resources to any task. When you assign a task to a Resource with a valid email address and a Viewpath account, you are instructing the system to add this task to that Resource's to-do list of tasks in their "Today" page. 

There are two ways to designate Assignees:

      1. In the New Task or Edit Task dialog, enter data in the "Assignments" field.  


      2. In the Task list view, use inline editing to enter in the "Assignments." 


In the Assignments field, you can choose from existing Resources or you can tye in the name of someone who is not in your Resources list. When you do this, that name will be added to the Resources section and you can later go and add the email address for that Resource. 

One advantage to adding Assignments in the Task list is that you have the option to import Resources from your Google Contacts. When you choose this option, both the name and email address of the selected contact is added to your Resources list. 

Note: You can disconnect your association between Google and Viewpath by clicking here. Click on the "Revoke" button adjacent to "Viewpath - Google Contacts."

If you want to assign a task to multiple Resources, simply place a comma between each name as you add them. To specify the amount of responsibility each resource has on the task, use parenthesis and specify the percentage (25%) for each.



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