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Summary Rollup in "Parent-Child" Tasks

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article:  Parent-Child Tasks

You can create "Parent-Child" relationships between tasks as a way of grouping them together. To do this, select one or more tasks and click on the indent.gif icon to indent the "Child" tasks. The "Parent" task will now show in bold text and the data from the "Child" task fields roll-up to the "Parent." Note the data in the Parent task (except for the Task Name field) is now gray, and not editable. This roll-up allows you to get a clear idea of what percent of this group of tasks is completed: 


This summary roll-up happens automatically in data columns such as:

  • Duration
  • Complete
  • Work
  • Cost Columns

In the above example, the "Networking Hardware" and "Work Stations" rows are "Child" tasks under "Information Technology." Because of this, the top row ("Information Technology") displays a summary of both sections, giving this user a view to the over-all progress of the entire project. You can create as many of these nested levels as you wish. 

Please also note the overall progress of your Project is displayed on the Projects tab (in the "Home" section).

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