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Resource Allocation

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article & Video: Resource allocation in the Tasks tab of a project

The project Resource Allocation feature can be viewed by clicking on the small  Chart icon above the Gantt chart. The chart will display at the bottom of the page. Using the Zoom buttons will also zoom in or out on the Resource Chart. 

This chart allows you to visualize how well your resources are allocated. You can click on any individual in the list to the left to isolate that Resource or you can view multiple Resources. 

  1. Yellow indicates a Resource is under-allocated (<60%)
  2. Green indicates a Resource is properly allocated (61%-125%)
  3. Red indicates a Resource is over allocated (>125%)

When you change the start date on a task, the Resource Chart is automatically updated as well.

How Resource Allocation is Calculated

Resource Allocation is calculated based on the values in the Availability cell on the Resources tab and the values in the Work column on the Tasks tab. For example, if a Resource has 50% availability and is assigned a 4 hour task with a 1 day Duration, the Allocation will equal 100%.

Note: If no value is set in the Work column, the system will base it on the Duration column. If the task has a 1 day duration, the system assumes 8 hours of work.

Unequal Work Loads

If a task is assigned to multiple Resources but not all of those Resources has the same amount of workload, you can designate percentages in the Assignments field using one of these formats:

  • John Doe 25%, Jane Doe 75%
  • John Doe (25%), Jane Doe (75%)
The Allocation tool will take these percentages into consideration and adjust the graphs accordingly.

For a complete overview of this tool, including cross-project Allocation tools, click on this video:

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