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Article: Graphical views in the Home>Projects tab

The Projects area includes a three graph options.


This 0%-100% graph indicates the progress on each project. The bars are color-coded:

  • White - Indicates a project that has not started
  • Gray - Indicates completed tasks
  • Red - Indicates lat tasks
  • Green - Indicates tasks that are completed ahead of schedule
Place your mouse over the red or green bars and the % behind or ahead of schedule will be shown.


Timeline Chart

Provides a graphical overview of all projects in a bar graph. Darkened portions indicate the % Complete. Mouse-over the diamond graphic to see the name of the Milestone that the graphic represents.

The Status colors are also indicated on this page.

Note: When in the Timeline view, simply click once on the chart adjacent to the row on which the Project is listed and the graph will automatically move to focus on that project. (This feature also works on the Gantt chart within an individual Project.)


Burn-Down Chart

Provides a more "agile" view of projects. Select one or more projects to view the details in a burn-down graph.

Simply select the graph type that you want to view. You can also click to hide the graphs, thus giving you a larger window in which to see the relevant information in the data cells.


Changing the Time Scale:

You can click on the +/- icons to zoom in or out on the Timeline and Burn-Down graphs. Alternatively, you can use your mouse scroll-wheel to zoom in and out. 

*Status is a feature of the Professional Edition

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