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Closing, Archiving and Deleting Projects

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: How to archive or delete a project, and close a project as an active tab.

Closing Active Project Tabs: 

Your active project tabs are the projects shown along the top of your dashboard. Generally, these are the projects you're frequently using. To close an active tab, click on the project tab to open the project, then hover on the right side of the project tab and an "x" will appear. Click the "x" to close the project tab. Closing the project tab simply removes it from the top of the dashboard. You can reopen it as an active tab by going to the Home > Projects tab, and opening the project again.

If you have many open tabs, and don't want to close each separately, you can also go to Home > Projects and click File > Close All Active Projects.

Archiving Projects: 

You can easily archive one or more Projects by clicking on the check box next to the Project(s) then clicking on the  icon. 


Showing or Hiding Archived Projects: 

There are two ways to show or hide Archived Projects in your list: 

  • Click on the "Show" menu then click on "Archived Projects" to show or to hide these Projects.
  • Click on the  Filter icon and choose to show or to hide these Projects.

Archived Projects, when displayed, will have the  icon before the name of the Project. 

Re-Activating Archived Projects: 

Select any  Archived Project in the list then click on the  Unarchive option in the row of icons. 

Deleting Projects: 

Projects cannot be permanently deleted from your account until they have been Archived and unedited for at least 10 days. To delete, select any Select any  Archived Project then click on the  Delete icon. Once a Project has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved. 

Notes About Archived Projects: 

Archived Projects can be opened and edited while in Archived mode. However, if you make any edits to an archived project, you will not be able to delete the project until 24 hours after the edits have been made.

You can Report on any open archived projects as well.

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