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Agile Sprints and Burn-down Charts

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article & Video: Sprints and Burn-down Charts for paid users.

A Sprint Burn-down Chart is a way to view a specific time period within your Project and get a graphical representation of the level of activity during that period. In some cases, a sprint will show a gradual descent on the graph, a period of heightened activity, followed by a slow-down. 

Viewpath is the only online application which allows you to view Sprints over the Gantt Chart in your project, giving you the option to toggle between the two and easily see the tasks being performed at any point along the Sprint timeline. 

To create a Sprint:

  • Select a set of tasks in your project. This will define the Date Range for the Sprint.
  • Click on the "Advanced" menu.
  • Click on "Sprint."
  • Click on "Create."
  • Give the Sprint a name.
  • Click on "OK."

An outline of the Sprint will appear on the Gantt Chart. Place your mouse at the top of this outline and click on "Click to Show Sprint Burn-down." 

Note: You can drag-and-drop the edges of the Sprint to adjust the date range. 

The upper corner of the Sprint will display Planned, Completed and Remaining Work Hours. These values directly correspond with the Work, Work Completed and Work Remaining columns. 

As tasks are marked "Complete," the graph will display a dark line to indicate the completion. Tasks completed on-time will directly overlay the blue baseline. Tasks completed ahead of schedule or after the due date will be reflected by adjustments in the completed line in comparison to the blue baseline. 

Delete a Sprint Burn-down Chart 

In order to delete a Sprint, first ensure the Sprint is active (e.g. it is showing the details). Click on the Advanced menu, select "Sprint" then click on "Delete."


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