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Displaying Viewpath in Salesforce

Viewpath Support -

Article: Embedding the Viewpath application in Salesforce 

The standard way to access Viewpath via Salesforce is to open a project and click on "Launch Viewpath." This launches a new window where Viewpath is available.

Some organizations prefer to contain the Viewpath application within the Salesforce environment. If you're a Salesforce Admin in your organization, you can create a custom Web Tab for this purpose:

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Click on "Create" and choose "Tabs"
  3.  Under "Web Tabs" click on "New"
  4.  Step 1 - Choose "2 columns with salesforce.com sidebar"
  5.  Step 2 - Enter "Viewpath" for label and tab name, choose "Presenter" for Tab Style
  6.  Step 3 - Enter "http://www.viewpath.com" in the "Button or Link URL" text area. 
    Note: Customer left "Encoding" as "Unicode (UTF-8)" but I don't know if that is significant.
  7. Step 4 - "Apply one tab visibility to all profiles" = "Default On"
  8. Step 5 (Add to Custom Apps) - Leave all selected.
  9. Click on the new "Viewpath" tab.
  10. Login using Standard Login credentials.

Note: Salesforce users who use the standard "Launch Viewpath" method from the project summary view within Salesforce do not need a separate password for their accounts. However, if you choose to use this custom Web Tab, each user will need to go through a validation process:

  • Use the "Launch Viewpath" option
  • Open any project and go to the "resources" tab
  • Select your name (and the names of any others in your SF Org who will use this feature)
  • Click on the "Send Invitation" (envelope) icon
This will generate an email validation email. Check your email and follow the instruction.
After you have successfully validated your account and created a password, you can use the custom Web Tab in Salesforce.
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