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Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: Basic user guide for Viewpath Projects in Salesforce

Viewpath 3.0 is a stand-alone application which can be accessed via Salesforce or externally through the Viewpath Login page. This allows users both inside and outside your Salesforce organization to collaborate on the same projects at the same time. 

Users have the ability to directly update task completion status without leaving the Salesforce platform, and you can easily associate Accounts and Opportunities with Viewpath projects. 


Installing Viewpath Into Salesforce 

The Viewpath application can be downloaded for free from the Salesforce AppExchange

Installation details can be found in this short video (Mac users click here). 

Accounts & Opportunities (Related Lists) 

Viewpath allows you to associate a project with specific Accounts or Opportunities from within Salesforce: 

  • Click on your name and select "Setup"
  • In the left navigation, expand the "Customize" menu
  • Expand "Accounts"
  • Click on "Page Layouts"
  • Click on the "Edit" link adjacent to "Account Layout"
  • Click on "Related Lists"
  • Click and drag "Viewpath Projects" to the desired position on the page
  • Click on "Save"
  • Repeat the above process for "Opportunities"

From this point forward, you can create a Project in the Accounts or Opportunities sections. Any projects created from these locations will be visible in both Accounts or Opportunities and in the Viewpath Projects tab. 

Note: When creating projects from the Accounts section, the "Resources" tab for that project will include the ability to add any Contacts in Salesforce associated with that account to the Project. Contacts must include a valid email address to be added to the project Resources tab. 

Create a New Project 

In the Viewpath Projects, Accounts or Opportunities pages: 

  • Click on "New Viewpath Project" (Button may read "New" in the Viewpath tab)
  • Enter the name of the Project
  • Optional: Select from the drop-down menu of available Templates, select a Start date, and indicate whether to import Resources from that template.
  • Click on "Save"

The created project will be available in both Salesforce and Viewpath. 

Note: If you have projects you previously created in Viewpath which are not displayed in Salesforce, click on "Connect to Existing" in the "Create Viewpath Project" screen, then select from the list of existing projects. 


Associate Existing Projects with Objects (e.g. Accounts, Opportunities etc) 

Projects that are created from within an object will also be displayed in the "Viewpath Projects" list. 

However, if you create a project from the Viewpath Projects tab and then want to associate it with an Account, Opportunity or other object, you must first remove it from the Viewpath Projects list:

  • Open the Viewpath Projects List
  • Click on "Del" adjacent to the Project. This will remove if from the Salesforce environment but will not delete the Project in Viewpath.
  • Open the Account, Opportunity, etc and click on "New Viewpath Project."
  • Click on "Connect to Existing."
  • Select the appropriate Project.
  • Click on the Save button.

The Project will now be associated with the Account/Opportunity and will be listed in the Viewpath Projects tab. 


Add Resources 

In Salesforce from within the Project view, click on the Resources tab. Select "Add Salesforce Team Member" or "Add External User" to add Resources. If the Project was associated with an Account, you will also have the option to "Add Account Contacts." 

When you add a Salesforce team member, the project will appear in their account the next time they log into Salesforce. 

When you add an external user, the system automatically sends that person an email with instructions on how to log into Viewpath. 

Note: Resource access levels must be set from within the Viewpath application. 

Edit & Update Project Tasks 

Open a Viewpath Project in the Salesforce application, then click on the "Today" tab. This page will display all tasks to which you are assigned on this project. You can update the Percent Complete by simply double-clicking and entering the appropriate value. 

Click on the "Filter" button and un-check the box next to "Show only this project." This page will now display all tasks to which you are assigned across all projects. 

You can now update the Percent Complete on any tasks to which you are assigned right from within Salesforce. Your updates will be reflected on the Viewpath project as well. 

Learn More 

To learn more about how to create projects in the Viewpath application, click here to view a complete list of help topics

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