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Reports - Searching for Tasks

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: Report options

The Reports section is available to paid users and allows you to search for data on any Projects which are active. ("Active" projects will appear in tabs across the top of the application.)

Enter or select data in any of the filters at the top of the report and your results will display instantly. 


You can narrow your results by choosing from multiple criteria. For example if you select "johndoe@somedomain.com" in the Assignee field and choose "1-99%" in the Complete field, the report will display all tasks assigned to John Doe which have been updated to at least 1% complete but have not been marked 100% complete. 

Options in the File Menu: 

Click on the File menu to select from the following options: 

  • Save Current Report - After choosing your criteria, use this option to save the criteria selections for future use.
  • My Saved Reports - Open any saved reports.
  • Reset Search Fields - Empties all criteria fields.
  • Delete Saved Report - Delete a saved report.
You can access pre-built Standard reports as well. These include:
  • All Late Tasks - View all past due tasks for all assignees.
  • My Late Tasks -View tasks that are assigned to you and are past due.
  • My Completed - Lists completed projects which are assigned to you and have a finish date within the past week.
  • All Completed - Lists all completed projects which have a finish date within the past week.
  • All Milestones - View all tasks designated as milestones across your active project tabs.

 Exporting your Report: 

To print the report results to a PDF file, simply click the print icon, and make your selections. 

To export to Excel or Pages, you can highlight the columns in the results list and use the standard keyboard commands Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

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