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Resource Access Levels

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: Permissions/access levels for resources

To add a Resource to a Project, select the Resources tab. Click the New Resource icon for the Resource dialogue box, or click on the + icon in the lower left hand corner to add your resource via in-line editing.

There are six levels of permissions:

  • When you choose None*, this Resource cannot view any part of the Project, even his or her assigned tasks.

  • A Guest cannot see the overall Project. Their assigned tasks appear on their personal Today page, and are updated there. You can include an unlimited number of Resources with Guest access on your project.

  • An Observer can view the Project, but can only update the %Complete of tasks to which he or she is assigned, as well as adding documents and comments to the project. 

    Team/Professional Editions can have an unlimited number of Resources with either Guest or Observer access with anyone who also has a paid edition of Viewpath.

    Team Edition users can add up to 2 Observers who are on the free Starter Edition.

    Professional Edition users can add up to 5 Observers who are on the free Starter Edition.

In order to assign Editor, Manager or Owner rights, both you and this assigned Resource must be on a paid Edition. 

  • An Editor can view and edit any Task in the Project and edit the project workdays.

  • Manager has the added ability to view and edit data in the Cost columns, make changes to Resources, add Sprints and Baseline information.

  • The Owner level grants full editing rights on tasks and resources.

Note: There is no limit to the number of Guest, Observer, Editor, Manager or Owner access rights a paid user can assign to other paid users.


Once you have added your resources, select the Resource checkboxes and click this icon to send an invitation email notifying them they have been added to your project. If the resource is new to Viewpath, the email will include instructions on how to setup their new account.

If a resource has not yet activated his or her account, the alert column will display a graphic. Mouse over the graphic to view the message. You can also view the resource’s last login date in the "Last Login" column.

*Access Level of "None:" Resources with "None" access can be assigned tasks in the Tasks list but the Email Notification feature is disabled for any such Resource. If you intend to use the Email Notification feature, please ensure that the Resource has a minimum of "Guest" access.

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