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Adding, Editing and Deleting Resources

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: Managing people and other resources on a project

In Viewpath, each Project has its own separate list of Resources which can be modified at any time. It's easy to manage collaborative privileges on a project by setting the level of access permissions for each Resource. A project Resource can be any individual such as a coworker, stakeholder, client, or vendor, and can even include non-person entities (e.g. equipment or facilities) which are important to identify for scheduling and/or cost-tracking activities. 


The  Send Invitation feature generates an email* that welcomes the Resource to that specific project. If the invited Resource does not already have a Viewpath account, the act of sending the invitation creates a new account for them and the email that they receive will request validation of the new account. 

In addition to adding a Resource on the Resources page, a new Resource can be quickly added by double-clicking in the Assignments column on the project's Task page, or using the Assignments field in the edit dialog box on the project's Task page.


The default Access rights for Resources added via this method is "Guest" if you are on the free Starter Edition, or "Observer" if you are on the paid Team Edition. Return to the Resource tab to change the access level as appropriate. 

To edit a resource's access level, simply click in the access field for that resource. A drop down menu will appear, and you can select the desired level. The next time the resource logs in, this new access level setting will be applied for this project.

There are six levels of permissions:

  • When you choose None*, this Resource cannot view any part of the Project, even his or her assigned tasks.

  • A Guest cannot see the overall Project. Their assigned tasks appear on their personal Today page, and are updated there. You can include an unlimited number of Resources with Guest access on your project.

  • An Observer can view the Project, but can only the %Complete of tasks to which he or she is assigned, as well as adding documents and comments to the project. 

    Team/Professional Editions can have an unlimited number of Resources with either Guest or Observer access with anyone who also has a paid edition of Viewpath.

    Team Edition users can add up to 2 Observers who are on the free Starter Edition.

    Professional Edition users can add up to 5 Observers who are on the free Starter Edition.

In order to assign Editor, Manager or Owner rights, both you and this assigned Resource must be on a paid Edition. 

  • An Editor can view and edit any Task in the Project and edit the project workdays.

  • Manager has the added ability to view and edit data in the Cost columns, make changes to Resources, add Sprints and Baseline information.

  • The Owner level grants full editing rights on tasks and resources.

Note: There is no limit to the number of Guest, Observer, Editor, Manager or Owner access rights a paid user can assign to other paid users.

To delete a resource, select the check box next to that resource, and click the Trash_can.png icon. If you are deleting multiple resources at the same time, you will be asked to confirm your intention. Remember, you can always click the undo/redo icons. Undo-Redo.png

*In the event a new Resource doesn't receive the Welcome email, please make sure the email address is correct. Another email notification can be generated by simply clicking  Send Invitation again.

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