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Updating Tasks

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: Updating Tasks

Tasks in the Today Page

The Today page will allow you to make updates to your assigned tasks in the following columns: 

  1. Complete
  3. Documents*
  4. Priority**

Changes to details such as Start/Finish dates, costing columns, etc., must be made from within the project itself. 

*If you are on the Free Starter Edition, you can add links to online documents. In order to upload documents from your computer, you must be on a paid edition.

**You can make edits to the Priority field on tasks on which you are assigned Owner access.

Accessing Tasks in the Project 

If you have "Guest" access to a Task, that task will appear in gray letters. If you have Observer, Editor or Owner access, the task name will appear in the list as a link. Simply click on the link, and the application will open the appropriate Project and highlight that task. You can then make any relevant edits to the task (provided you have appropriate access rights).

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