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Creating a Project with Viewpath

Cheryl Wetherington -

Article: Creating a new project

Creating a new Project is simple. On the Home/Projects tab, click on the  New Project icon in the toolbar. Or, you can click the "+" tab and select New Project.


A "New Project Settings" wizard will appear: 


Simply enter a Name for the Project then click on the Next button. 

Viewpath allows you to choose to: 

  • Create a brand new project - Creates a blank project with no tasks or resources.
  • Create a project from an existing project - Creates a copy of an existing project. You can select a new Start Date and choose whether to also duplicate the Resources list from the project.
  • Create a project using a template - Creates a copy of a template. You can select a new Start Date and choose whether to also duplicate the Resources list from the template.

Simply select your choices throughout the wizard and click on the "Next" button. 

Import Resources: The last step of the New Project wizard, when creating a duplicate of an existing Project or Template, is the "Import Resources" page. You have thee options:

  1. Import All Resources - imports all Resources from the Template/Project
  2. Import Assigned Resources - Imports only those Resources assigned one or more tasks within the Template/Project. Resources listed on the Template/Project, but not assigned to any tasks, will not be imported.
  3. None - Will not import any resources from the Template/Project. The project creator will automatically be listed as the Owner.

When the project is created, it will open in a new tab across the top and display the project contents. 

TIP: You can use placeholders in the Resource list on a Template and assign them to individual tasks. When you create a new Project based on that Template, simply change the name and email address in the Resources tab and the assigned tasks will now be assigned to that Resource!


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