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Cross Project Time Tracking

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Article: "Time Sheets" under the Home tab

Users with a paid account can use Time Sheets as a separate feature from the Projects list. Time Sheets are an important way to track the actual number of hours spent on individual tasks. 

The cross-project Time Sheet Tab is located under the "Home" tab. It will see a list of your assigned tasks across any projects that you have open and displayed across the top of the application.

Click on the Filter icon to select these options: 

  • Hide tasks more than a week away - Unselect this to see all assigned tasks.
  • Hide non-billable tasks - Unselect this to see both billable and non-billable tasks.
  • Hide other user's tasks - Unselect this to see tasks assigned to other users.

On the grid to the right, the dates on which a task is scheduled will contain a square or rectangle indicator as a visual cue for your convenience. You can enter times on any date in the grid. (Enter partial times with decimal values (e.g. 1.25). 

The accumulated total of the values entered on the grid on the right will be displayed in the Total Hours column on the left. 

Note: When you update times in the Time Sheet, the "Work Completed" and "% Completed" values for that task are not updated. To update the Time Sheet and the % Complete simultaneously, use the Timer option on the Today page or from within the project.

Export Time Data

You can export your Time Sheet data to a .csv file by clicking on the  export icon. You can select the date range for the export then use the exported file to upload into Quickbooks or any other similar software.

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