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Using the Timer Option

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Article:  Using the Timer

The Timer option in the Today page allows you to easily track the amount of time expended on a specific task and automatically update both the % Complete and Work Completed fields on that tasks while also adding that time value directly to your Time Sheet.

This feature is available to anyone on a paid edition of Viewpath.

Simply select any task assigned to you, then click on the  Timer icon. The header of the application will display a counter: 


Perform your task. When you are finished, return to the application, click on the timer then select "Stop Timer": 


A dialog will appear: 


Ensure the time in this dialog is correct, edit if needed, then click on OK. 

Note: By default, all Time Sheet Entries are "Billable." Click on the Advanced tab to designate this as an unbillable item. 

The time you entered in the Dialog will be placed in the Time Sheet. Time entered through the Timer will also automatically update Work Completed, Work Remaining and % Completed fields on this task.



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